Women's Shoe Stretcher / 3-Way Expander For Stretching Ladies' Shoes

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  • 3-Way Adjustable Shoe Stretcher
  • Extends Length, Width & Height
  • With 4 Removable Expansion Clips
  • Easy & Effective To Use
  • Alleviates Discomfort Of Tight Shoes
End the pain of new or tight fitting shoes with this versatile 3-way Shoe Stretcher.

Unlike others on the market, our single shoe stretcher works in 3 ways to widen, lengthen and increase the height of tight and uncomfortable shoes.

Made from quality pine wood with two removable stretch plugs that can be positioned in 8 specific areas.

An essential item if you suffer from corns or blisters, or if you are on your feet all day and need to make your shoes more comfortable.

Featuring a tough metal thread rod which expands the width of the shoe stretcher when tightened. The heel stretcher may be secured on any part of the thread using the stopper nut.

Our single shoe stretcher fits both left and right shoes, any size from UK size 2 to 12 (Euro size 34-47).

Read and follow instructions before use.

Can it be used with high heels?
Possibly, but you may find that the toe block will not go fully in to the shoe, particularly if the toe part "turns a corner" at a steep angle.

- Main toe/arch block length 16.5cm (6.5");
- Width at widest point: min. 7cm (2.75"); adjustable up to max. 9cm (3.5");
- Length from heel to toe: min. 21cm (8.25"); adjustable up to max. 31cm (12.25").

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