Sheet and Blanket Support - Protector Cradle Holds Covers Above Legs and Feet

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  • Lifts the weight off your legs and feet
  • Keeps weight off, keeps warmth in
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • Ideal for sufferers of burning feet or arthritic knees
  • Strong polymer coated metal frame
This clever bedding support frame is ideal if you suffer with burning feet, arthritic knees or "restless legs".

The three-part frame raises the blankets or duvet off your legs and feet but keeps the warmth in.

Easy to assemble and fit, the strong and durable polymer coated metal frame slips securely between the mattress and bed base.

- Overall height of rods: 49cm (19.25"). Example: When the base is placed under a mattress measuring 25cm (10") thick, the rods will be 24cm (9.5") above the top of the mattress.
- Distance between rods at the top: 66cm (2ft 2").

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