Hanging Wardrobe Security Safe - 9 Hidden Compartments

Product Code: AR10632
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  • Clever hanging wardrobe cupboard safe
  • Cleverly and secretly secures your valuables where thieves wouldn't look
  • Perfect for using while travelling or in hotels
  • Nine zippered, clear pockets
  • 58.5cm by 39.5cm (1ft 11" by 1ft 3")
Keep your valuable items concealed and hidden where thieves would last think to look.

This hanging closet safe is perfect for when on holiday. Simply conceal your valuables among other clothes in your wardrobe.

Has nine zippered, clear pockets for concealing your passports, travel tickets, money and jewellery.

The hanging closet safe measures 58.5cm (1ft 11") tall by 39.5cm (1ft 3") wide.

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