Expanding Fence Garden Screen Trellis Style Expands to 6'2" Freestanding Wood

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  • Free standing fence, expands to 1.9m (6ft 2.75") long
  • Perfect to screen off less attractive areas
  • 29.2cm to 190cm wide, 90.5cm tall
  • Wide feet for stability
  • May be tethered to the ground to withstand wind
This stylish expanding wooden trellis fence is ideal for concealing the less attractive areas of your garden.

This free standing wooden trellis fence has 2 wide wooden feet to allow it to stand by itself.

The standing trellis may be tethered to the ground to improve wind resistance.

  • Maximum Width: 1m 90cm (6ft 2.75");
  • Minimum Width: 29.2cm (11");
  • Height: 90.5cm (2ft 11");
  • Width and depth of fence posts: 3.5cm (1 3/8");
  • Thickness of fence middle: 1.5cm (5/8").
Please note: This fence is not recommended as a barrier to keep pets/children within an area as they could knock the fence over and pets may push/fit underneath.

Height of the middle of the fence varies depending on width. At the maximum width the central section of the fence will be rather stretched and thinner than in the picture.

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