Doorstop Rope Set of 2 Fits to Door Handles Stops Doors Slamming Shut

Product Code: AR10561
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  • Set of 2 rope door stops
  • Fits to the handles of your door
  • Moves with your door - unlike standard door wedges
  • Easier to use than a door wedge
  • Each 66cm long and 2.5cm thick
This lightweight doorstop rope loops over the handles of your door to prevent it from slamming shut.

Avoid your children's fingers getting squashed in the door, with an attractive doorstop which keeps them from fully closing.

Comes in a set of 2 door stop ropes. Each one is 66cm (25.9") long and 2.5cm (1") thick.

Each rope is a cream colour with light brown fuzzy soft ends and door-handle rope loops.

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