Digital Automatic High Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Wrist / Cuff - Monitor - 3 Colour Warning System

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  • Clinically tested colour-coded wrist monitor - reads blood pressure and pulse in seconds
  • Display lights up green for safe levels, or turns amber or red for concerning readings
  • Helps you interpret confusing medical information - ideal for people who suffer with confusion or poor concentration
  • Built-in 90 memory capacity for 2 users and a host of other features
  • Uses 2x AAA batteries (not included) and fits all wrist sizes
Blood pressure readings can be confusing, but here’s a device that makes it crystal clear, using traffic light colour coding to show if a reading is safe or concerning.

Perhaps you struggle to know the difference between a safe reading and when to be concerned. Or maybe you care for someone who is easily confused.

That’s why we love the colour changing idea within this one touch blood pressure monitor, which lights up green, amber or red to clearly indicate if there’s a problem.

Clinically proven accurate, this wrist worn monitor also measures pulse rate, and it has an invaluable irregular heartbeat indicator with date and time.

Fully automatic, it shows systolic and diastolic pressure readings, plus a pulse rate. All displayed in large, easy to read letters – perfect if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

Supplied with a durable plastic case, this compact monitoring device fits over your wrist like a watch, eliminating the need for pumping. Simply lift your wrist to about the same height as your heart, then press Start for fast, accurate results. Just one button press and it’s done.

The entire display will light up green for normal; yellow for pre-hypertension; or red for hypertension. The large 2" LCD display is very clear and easy to read.

You don’t need to worry about leaving it switched on either, because it has an automatic shut off to save battery life. It also has a useful low battery warning.

The one size cuff is adjustable, so it will fit any wrist size. Simple to use, it comes with detailed and easy to follow instructions.

But that’s not all for this feature-packed device. It also stores 90 readings for two users, so that you and your partner can monitor your health over time. You can recall the last 90 pressure readings at any time, to see how your blood pressure levels are changing over time.

The blood pressure monitor comes with a durable carry case for storage – perfect for travelling.

Uses 2x AAA batteries (not included) and fits all wrist sizes.

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