10 Piece Stone Effect Hammer In Lawn Edging Border

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  • Instant edging for flower beds
  • Just slot together and hammer in
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Weatherproof and reusable
Create a Lakeland stone border in an instant with these attractive cobble stone effect garden edging strips.

Keep your lawn and flowerbeds neatly separated with this attractive hammer-in edging.

Made from strong flexible everlasting ABS polymer material with a stone effect moulding on the facing side.

Simple tongue and groove assembly
Each section locks into the next to create straight or curved shapes around trees, shrubs, lawns and flower beds.

Eliminates the need for constant grass edging, trimming and reduces weed transfer.

How do I install them in my garden?
Simply line them up and hammer them in. The soil should be loosened and stone free before being pushed into the ground as the edging is made from plastic.

How big are the pieces?
The 'above ground' area of each piece is 24cm (9.5") wide and 10cm (4") tall. Plus, there is a ground spike measuring 12.5cm (5") tall and up to 5.2cm (2").
The maximum depth of the spike is 0.5cm (3/16") and the maximum depth of the 'above ground' area is 2cm (0.75") (including slots for joining.)

What is the total length covered by the set?
There are 10 pieces per set, giving a total length of 2.4m (8ft).

Can I add more sets to it?
Yes certainly. Buy as many sets as you need - they slot together continuously as required.

Do they have to be used in one length?
No, you can create several shorter lengths if desired.

Do they go round corners?
The pieces are fairly rigid and do not bend easily. Conjoined pieces may 'turn a corner' up to around 30 degrees. For right angle corners you will need to use separate lengths that are not joined at the corner.

Ideal for sloping gardens
The pieces can be 'stepped' one higher than the next. This is ideal for gardens that rise or fall or are not on level ground.

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