4 Non Slip Grips - Anti Skid Gripper For Mats or Rugs to Carpets Hallway Runner

Product Code: AR11155_RECTANGLE
  • £8.95
  • Save £3

  • Pack of 4 rug grippers that help minimise rugs slipping on carpets
  • Self adhesive pads stick to rugs... prickles grip to carpet
  • Easy to install between rug and carpet with prickles facing down, into carpet
  • Each strip has 105 plastic spikes which grip carpet
  • Pack of 4, each measuring 28 x 6.5cm
Rugs, mats and hallway runners can be a slippery health hazard, or just plain annoying, when they slip across carpeted floors or gradually edge themselves across the carpet.

That’s why we love our ingenious anti skid grippers. Sticking easily to the underside of almost any material, each non slip mat grip pad has 105 plastic prickles, which gently but firmly grip on to the thread pile of your carpet, helping to keep the rug firmly in its place.

Easily removable and leaving no permanent damage to your expensive carpets, these simple yet effective rectangular mat grips are easy to install between your rug and the carpet.

Designed to be used with prickles facing down so that they press gently into your carpet, the rug gripping pads come with easy peel self adhesive strips which adhere to the pads and then to the underside of your rug.

Sold in packs of four, you can use them in the corners, along the edges or in problem areas in any part of a rug or doormat that’s slipping. With 105 plastic spikes in each strip, they help the rug to grip your carpet and help minimise slipping.

Pack of 4 strips, each measuring 28 x 6.5cm.

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