4 Way 6" or 8" Saucepan Sauce Pan Cooking Pot With Four-Way Dividers And Vented Glass Lid

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  • 6" or 8" pans with 4-way dividers
  • Cook up to 4 foods in the same pan
  • Saves time, money, energy and space
  • Frees up other cooking rings for other uses
  • Comes with lid and air vent. Dividers are removable
These ingenious saucepans come with 4-way dividers that allow you to cook four varieties of vegetables separately in each pan.

This twin pack comprises one 6" diameter pan and one 8" diameter pan - both of which come with dividers and vented lids.

Saves energy, and saves money... now you can put all vegetables into one pan and use only one cooking ring. Frees up other cooking rings for other uses.

The 4 way dividers are removable, so the saucepans may be used with or without the divider.

Dividers are not watertight, so this item is not suitable for keeping different sauces separate.

Supplied with glass lids with air vents.

Made of aluminium. Pan handles supplied loose and require home assembly.

Not recommended for use in dishwasher.

6" pan:

  • External diameter 16.5cm (6.5");
  • Internal diameter 14.5cm (5.75");
  • Pan handle length 15cm (6");
  • Height excluding lid 10cm (4").
8" pan:
  • External diameter 20cm (7.8");
  • Internal diameter 18cm (7");
  • Pan handle length 13cm (5.1");
  • Height excluding lid 10cm (4").

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